Workshops in April

Children’s Book Network is always trying to change and keep ahead. That has been difficult lately, particularly in the last two years. We have to think – and act – fast.  We are doing more, smaller workshops, so that we can comply with Covid restrictions, but also so that we can work more closely with children and in a continuous fashion.

New workshops at Okkie Smuts Primary School in Stanford, have given us the opportunity to be working with children who choose to come and to do quite an intensive course.  This will be for six weeks to start with. We may expand it next term for a further few weeks in which they learn a bit more about the skills of reading and writing.  This is something that we haven’t done before and it will enrich our materials and add to what we have available to share with children.  (It’s great fun as well and we all enjoying it!)

We are also offering workshops in Die Bron Primary School and in Stanford Library, where children share a little bit of fun, as well as doing interesting reading and activities. Everything we do is experience that shows up in our toolbox materials

All of this takes place after school in a supervised environment and under Covid regulations.  We have to comply with these but we are turning it to our advantage and making it more interesting for the children.



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