Franschhoek Rides Again!

Franschhoek Rides again!

2022 sees the return of the Franschhoek Literary Festival with its attendant excitement of writers, publishers and intellectuals. It also signals the reinvention of a reading event for younger readers, and CBN will be there!

The revived event will be called Franschhoek Reading and will involve upper primary school learners – just the age group that tends to drop off the reading radar as new subjects (and languages to learn in) threaten to overwhelm them.

There will (we hope) be exciting visitors and events – including the Phendulani Reading Quiz that generates enormous excitement and interest as teams from different schools read their way to book prizes for their schools.

The children’s events will be from May 11th to 13th, with a special family reading event on Sunday 15th – the last day of the adult events.


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