Engage with the Page



This entirely novel concept could have a boring title like ‘Project Book’.  Book-Book says a lot more.

We experimented with these books during lockdown, when we could only wok remotely with children. We found it created a tremendous sense of pride and achievement. The books were beautifully decorated and presented. (Illustration is a whole different ball-game from ‘colouring in’, which we never encourage.)

There are no questions on the text. We assume they noticed what colour John’s jacket was. They obviously understand how many dwarves were crossing the forest path. Instead, we ask them to THINK. Particularly, we ask them to become aware of stereotypes. A bald mermaid might be a refreshing change. What happened to her har? Does she care? We ask our readers to constantly unpack our stories. We ask them to THINK as well as read. We don’t waste their time with facile questions and mindless colouring in.

  – Engage with the page –

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