The other problem with books …

Not to difficult to guess! They cost a lot.

A book, by its very nature, is going to be expensive. It is, or at least should be, a fine, quality object to be treasured, stroked, sniffed, cherished and – above all – enjoyed. It should last for years and give endless pleasure to a crowd of children. Unfortunately, that doesn’t often happen.

Our CBN policy from the beginning has been to buy qulity books for our children; NEW books.We buy the best of local and imported titles and we would rather have three excellent books than ten mediocre, shabby or damaged ones. Part of the pleasure books bring lies in their tactile quality. It leads to reading!

It also leads to caring for the books. Our eight book-clubs (and counting) circulate books though several communities of children and young people and they care for (and about them). Reading is an education as well as a learning process. Good book-habits make for good readers.



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