How big is a toolbox – and what’s in it?

A toolbox is a fair weight when you heft it to see what it will involve to get it to a venue. (Which is why they have wheels!)

Each toolbox is made to cope with about twenty kilograms of books. The books come in sturdy book-bags and are filed according to topic. The actual titles depending on availabvbility, cost and supply chain. They vary, but maintain the integrity of the theme.

In the Red Toobox, (Title Books and Stories), there are books about books and stories about stories. (Unsurprisingly.) There are three themes – Stories, Bravetry and Imagination. More than that, there are three handbooks of a hundred single spaced pages each giving hundreds of ideas about how to use the whole kit. These provide the glue that stick the whole concept together.

A child, or a small group of children, can work their way steadily through each handbook over the course of a term. (The system is designed to stretch from te beginning of the school year to shortly before exams.) Three classes in a school could conceivably work on the three boxes at the same time.

The end result should be a completed Book-Book full of reading thoughts and ideas – and a better, more balanced and happier reader.

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