Two Words

Thank you.

That is what the children, and the team at

Children’s Book Network wish to say.

Thank you for the kindnesses ranging from small to really large.

Thank you for the belief in the work that we do.

Thank you for the friendship and interest.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Thank you for the gift of reading.

Thank you for the funding.

Thank you for the BOOKS

This year of 2021 has been an extraordinary one, difficult, challenging and at times almost overwhelming. But we made it through to our tenth year of reading action. Next year will see the completion of the all-consuming Reading Toolbox project (now totally revised to be used by children on their own or in small groups). It will see the roll-out of that project so that more children, in more places will have the opportunity to read for pleasure and with skill. It will see CBN expanding our smaller workshops to more communities locally. It will see the number of book-clubs rise. (We now have nine in active operation).

We can truly hope that 2022 will also see our children back at school, happier, less fearful and able to relax into reading more.

We can do more than hope. We can get started right away and make those things a reality.

Wishing all of our friends a very safe, healthy and prosperous new year – and many BOOKS!


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