Stanford Library Workshops


The Children’s Book Network (CBN) has taken the opportunity to reach more children in other areas of our lovely town. In partnership with the Stanford Library, who graciously allowed us to use the library as a venue for our workshops, and Okkie Smuts Primary School. The workshops are conducted under strict Covid-19 regulations, with only 10 children per workshop. The 10 children consist of Gr 4 and 5, boys and girls.

We have had four wonderful workshops that started on 24 May 2021. The workshop is an hour and a half on a Monday afternoon. There is a basic outline of the workshop. We start with reading a story aloud, following with an activity (writing and drawing) based on the story they just listened to. The workshop ends with listening to a chapter from ‘Zeb the Super-Book Hero’ written by Lesley Beake especially for the Red Toolbag Books and Stories.

Unfortunately, we had to put the workshops on hold until after the July school holidays. With the 3rd wave of Covid-19 arriving we need to put everyone’s health and safety first. The CBN team will go back to the drawing board during the school holiday and see how we need to adapt our program to suit everyone’s needs.

Report by Wilien van Zyl Administration manager and facilitator

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