CBN Plans from May to July


We are hoping to achieve …

Always to remember the purpose of CBN, which is to get children reading and enjoying books!

• More accurate registration and membership
• Creating a community identity and maybe involving older teenagers from community
• A monthly workshop to present each theme (25 children maximum at a time). We suggest 2 groups of 12 for an hour and a half each.
• To use the mass of material we already have and recombine to make fresh and new units
• To present each theme in smaller bite-size bits
• More careful record keeping, to please our funders and give more control
• Reading aloud must be part of every session. We are looking for volunteer readers to record the specially written stories
• Reading alone also essential in each session
• Writing and artwork in Happiness Books and also special projects at monthly workshop

Consolidate and develop De Kop project and use as the example for two other outreach projects later this year.

• Two groups of 12 children to work with Vuyo with volunteer helpers
• A Saturday Story group with Phumlani and volunteer helpers for the little ones – probably teenagers
• Book clubs to continue and grow. Two more are in process
• Happiness Books to be more closely monitored so the children can see we read them

We need to build a community profile for De Kop. There may be municipal information, but we need to do more research into the background of the community and the settlement. (WvZ)

A report on the well-being of the children and how (if?) they are coping with the pandemic. (WvZ)

Look at developing a further CBN centre for Stanford South, possibly using the
library as a venue for small groups and book club

Expand the Book Club as much as possible

Possible work on a reading recording project using local volunteers who read well (making use of the CBN donated technology

Films of books and suitable stories to become a regular feature – controlled numbers. No exceptions to our film list.

Look at holiday projects and continuing developments

AUGUST onwards …
A possible third group in Stanford South
Possible course for children who show exceptional ability in writing

(All of these plans are, of course, subject to the effects of further Corona-Virus events and restrictions.)

NOTE: Our Covid protocols are already firmly in place and will continue for the foreseeable future.

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