Short Workshop 19 March 2021: Theme Colours


This is a short afternoon workshop, after school, and before a long weekend. The aim is to introduce the theme of Colours and leave reading packs and activities that will keep the children occupied over the long weekend. There will be after-school snacks and juice.

We will also be launching the programme of films and CDs of children’s books and some National Geographic non-fiction so that they have some other activity over the break.

Theme: Colours
Books: (To be added)

There will be two groups that will rotate at half-time. . One group will focus on reading – both being read to and quiet reading and some writing in the Happiness Books. The other group will be painting. After 45 minutes, they will change places.

Making a mural with square canvases mounted on board. Acrylic paint. Theme Happiness and thank you. The intention is to put this on the wall at the community centre (to be discussed).

Covid Precautions at:

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