Level One and rethink


On the last Friday of February, we arranged a meeting with some CBN children. We haven’t been allowed to see them much, not since Covid became the main topic of conversation and ruler of our – and their – lives. But it was time we had an idea of how they were, how they felt, how they looked.

Twenty children met us at the community hall in De Kop. ‘Us’ consisted of the full CBN team, two community representatives and a whole lot of sanitizer, temperature-taking and recording. ‘They’ consisted of twenty children who were very different from before, visibly depressed, apprehensive, tired. It was deeply shocking; very sad to see,

So, we are rethinking our plans. The announcement of Level One came at the same time. It now becomes possible to have workshops under careful conditions. Obviously, it also now becomes necessary.

They, the children, have worked consistently on the programmes we have sent them during lockdown. They are proud of their Happiness Books (which will be an ongoing project). But they need more. The worst thing was when we learned that they had expected a workshop and were disappointed when it turned out to be a meeting. There had been a breakdown of communication, or maybe they just expected that when we turned up, that was what always happens.

So we are giving a bells and whistles workshop on the afternoon of Friday March 19th (current regulations permitting). There will be painting. There will be colour. There will be fun and fun reading. There might even be balloons. There will be yet more reading. We hope to reinspire them and make them a little happy again. And bring more books. And see what happens.


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