Programme for March and April


WEEK 1 (1 March)
Cellphone and communications rollout. Daisy and Vuyo to build network.

Complete Swimming and all other work in Happiness Books

WEEK 2-3 (8 March and 15 March)

COLOURS Reading Packs
Painting on canvas with acrylic paints

WEEK 4-5 (21 March and 28 March)

The CD player will be handed over and some CDs of Roald Dahl – first one will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The printed unit will be handed over and will last for two weeks
Films and DVD Player and Flatscreen in time for Easter long weekend

WEEKS 6-7 (Easter Weekend and Holiday)
Special reading packs looking back at Happiness Project Highlights.

WEEKS 8-12
Start of new Toolbox packs – Red Toolbox – Zeb Super-Book Hero and the importance of books and stories.

All equipment now in operation and new reading packs every two weeks.

NOTE: The donated audio-visual equipment will be under strict control and will ONLY be used for educational purposes and to enhance reading experiences. For example, we have a boxed set of the ever-popular Roald Dahl stories and a corresponding set of audio books. We also have some children’s animated movies that can be shown on Saturday afternoons.

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