Meet the CBN Team


Keeping us on the straight and narrow – Elsa Gebhard
It is way beyond time that we recognized the immense amount of work that Elsa puts in to keeping our books up to date, arranging the annual audit and attending board meetings to report on progress and generally making sure that we hand in the slips, remember to say when we have paid for items out of our own pockets, and otherwise keep the ship shipshape.

We thank her most sincerely for all she does for us – a good deal of it oin a voluntary basis. Thank you, Elsa.

Note on images: Vuyo and her husband, Phumlani, have the CBN camera on a regular basis. As children wearing masks (and all of them are) are not so photogenic, we will sometimes use photographs from earlier workshops. At all times, the safety of our children and CBN team are paramount.

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