New Version CBN Book Club


‘Never waste a good crisis’

Memorably said by Winston Churchill, this remains a very significant way of looking at things. This has not been a year any of us will forget but thinking on our feet is sometimes positive as well as necessary. The CBN team have devised a whole new way of working with the children who need us – more now than ever.

The situation is complicated with some children at school on some days and others on other days. All of us have to remain vigilant, remain careful. But the children at home are bored and unstimulated so we have designed a new way forward. Lockdown Learning is complete, at 18 weeks – but a new 6-week programme begins next week – The Happiness Project.

An integral part of that is the revamped CBN Book Club, designed and administered by Wilien van Zyl.

A snappy little plastic box has been outfitted with 25 suitable new books that the children haven’t seen before. The box contains everything needed to administer the library right there where the children live. The books were a donation from some travelling grandchildren who no longer need them – and there more to refresh the supply after five weeks. They are safely enclosed in plastic zip-bags and the records are right there in the box. There is place for children to record their opinion of the books. We look forward to their feedback.

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