Lock-Down Learning Rides again!

We have been very fortunate to receive funding from Rotary Rotweil that will enable us to continue our reading programme for children out of school.

This was cause for celebration. We know we have to do this, but it is impossible without money to buy stationary and to pay for the considerable photocopying costs. (One hundred children receiving 20+ pages of activities and reading material per week for nine weeks doesn’t come cheaply.) Now, after a week to regroup, we will continue for as many weeks as possible – given that nobody seems to be sure whether our children will be in school, or not. (Or even whether they ARE in school or not.) This very serious situation is threatening the entire school year. What we can do, we MUST do.

The safety of the children, and of our colleagues Vuyo and Phumlani who have been orchestrating the outreach are, of course, paramount. Great care will be taken to make sure that nobody is compromised in putting this programme together during the next, critical weeks.

To see the materials that have already been distributed, go to:

https://www.childrensbook.co.za/home-reading-ideas (Scroll down to see the actual materials handed out).

Our deep and sincere thanks go to our friends at Springfontein Winery who introduced us to the Rotweil Fellows – and to the Rotweil Fellows and Rotary Rotweil members who have visited us, watched our workshops, met our children – and who believe in what we do. It helps. The funding is necessary, but the belief is beyond price, and we appreciate it more than words can tell.

Image: Some of the books CBN has shared with the children.

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