Eight weeks on … Lockdown Learning


Children’s Book Network has nearly completed an 8-week reading programme called Lockdown Learning with children in De Kop and Stanford South.

Circumstances are not easy – especially as the weather has turned wet and cold, but Vuyo Siza and her husband Phumlani are doing a great job of reaching the children in their community. We will shortly be sending them the materials for a much-needed Happiness Project where appropriate reading will be interspersed with experiences like listening to whale song, tasting (and writing about) chocolate and making popcorn, along with special stories about happy experiences.

Most children work on their activity booklets in their own homes due to lockdown regulations, but a group of masked children meet at Vuyo’s home every weekday to share ideas. We are deeply grateful to her for making this possible and to Wilien van Zyl who makes sure the packages of books reach De Kop.

Each week, a reading and activities booklet of around 20 pages is delivered for 100 children. Stationery and art materials were provided at the beginning of the project. This initiative was made possible by the thoughtful contribution to a birthday celebration in Rotweil, Germany, where donations were requested instead of presents.


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