The Happiness Project


In mid-June, for the last week of our Lockdown Learning project, we are introducing a programme designed to remind us all about free-range joy, something that has also gone into lockdown these past months.

Whales and tales, dancing and making music, beautiful illustrations and incredible artwork. All of these will be part of the fun and the experience. Books and reading will be the main focus – as always, with thinking and experiencing rapidly following.

In a three-continent cooperation, CBN will work with Kate Hosford, author of beautiful picture books in America. In England, with Nyasha Makwarimba, well known especially to the CBN children as a maker of music, a dancer … and an inspiration. In SA, the CBN team of Vuyo and Phumlani Losa, Wilien van Zyl, Lisa Witherden and Lesley Beake will make things happen. There will be music-making, there will be reading and writing and painting. There will be fun.

It is currently uncertain whether schools will be open by then, and whether our age group will be back at school yet if they are. As always, we have to think on our feet. There may be a need to extend Lockdown Learning, which is giving the children a welcome focus when there is (really) ‘nothing to do.’

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