CBN Lockdown Learning Programme for Stanford and De Kop Children

In these extraordinary times, we have to think – and act – quickly. Now that lockdown restrictions have been slightly lifted (and we can, for example, buy stationery supplies again), we are ready to jump into action.

During the first month of lockdown the CBN team has developed materials for distribution through our website with free downloads, stories activities and ideas.
Have a look at:

Now we can take these ideas to the communities we work with. This still has to be done remotely – lockdown is strict. But we will be delivering activity packs to around 100 children by 10th May and continuing with a new pack every week for 8 weeks. Our facilitator at De Kop informal settlement (Vuyo Lose) already has a reading toolbox and we will be adding to this with specific reading and activities to help keep the older children (10-12 years-old) busy and reading. This will include informational reading as well as stories, creative writing ideas and stimulating ideas for work and play. There will also be stories and easy activities for the younger children who come to our workshops and pretend to be older. You can view our materials for Week One here:

Each child will receive a sturdy bag to hold all the materials, stationery and art materials for writing and drawing, and then a weekly plastic zip-lock bag with that week’s ideas. Estimated cost for the programme works out at R32 per child per week (R250 per child for the full 8-week programme). A generous donation from one of our friends and funders has made this project possible.

Materials development by Lisa Witherden and Lesley Beake
Project Administration by Wilien van Zyl
Community Administrator Vuyo Size

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