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Daily Story – 14 April

Today’s Daily Story is slightly different, in that we’re sharing reading with you from a magazine! WESSA’s EnviroKids magazine is our inspiration for today’s lesson! Please visit EnviroKids wonderful website for more: http://wessa.org.za/envirokids-magazine/

We use information and READ ALOUD content from this specific edition of EnviroKids: https://cld.bz/OeCAP5y/10-11/
All credit for content and images goes to WESSA and EnviroKids. Copyright on all content belongs to WESSA and the individual contributors.

ISSN 1995-6703
Reg. No. 05/04658/08
Official quarterly publication of the Wildlife and Environment Society of SA (incorporated association, not for gain). Registered NPO 000-716

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