Children’s Book Network Funding Proposal for 2020


Thank you for your support. Our Funding Proposal can be found at the bottom of this article by clicking the PDF links, or on OUR RECORDS page.

To all the friends and funders of Children’s Book Network
Thank you for your belief and confidence in our work over the last eight years. Without you, we would not have been able to reach thousands of children in need of reading or to enable community projects encouraging books in several under-resourced communities.
We intended to release our funding proposal for 2020 as soon as we had completed the annual report for last year and finished our reports and other paperwork so as to start off a new financial year with a clean page.
Well, that significant date for CBN turned out to be one of the worst weeks in the world. The planet will be facing challenges undreamed of and needs unimagined. That cannot alter our commitment to the children we work with. We would ask you, even in the midst of anxiety and fear for the future to consider one future – that of children who will be hugely affected in many different ways, but who still desperately need something that we can give them – the ability to read fluently, with comprehension and with joy.
Our funding proposal can be found on our website under RECORDS. We have created a shortened version of our proposal for easy sharing. You can also download them easily below.

We are happy to fulfil the needs of individual funders with specific applications, and would so appreciate you sharing our proposal with people and organisations you feel might be a good fit for us. 

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