A CBN Ambassador of note – Inga Mfundisi


CBN is proud to welcome Inga as a serious part of our team – and a wonderful inspiration to our children. As an Ambassador for CBN, we hope that she will raise our profile locally and she already has fifteen Teen Team members from Hermanus High School interested in helping out at workshops.

As a South African Junior Chess Champion, she was in an ideal position to introduce the game to other young people in Zwelihle, where she lives, founding a chess club there and leading by example. As a top student, she was obvious prefect material. As a strong and confident entrant, she was an obvious finalist in the Miss Teen South Africa competition. She also happens to be a really nice person.

As part of her service initiative, Inge collected books last year from her schoolmates. A suitcase of books travelled with her to our workshop on 7th March and were received by the CBN children with fascinated interest. They started reading them at once, while standing round the table – and continued absorbed reading outside as well. Posing for a picture of Inge wearing her sash of honour, they were still reading. The books are obviously much loved by the young people who handed them in – and will be much loved by the recipients. They make a formidable addition to the book club stock and, as soon as Wilien has acquisitioned them, they can go out to be enjoyed at home.

We are deeply grateful for the books – and welcome Inga most warmly to the CBN team.

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