How does our programme work?

How does our programme work?

Children’s Book Network (CBN) has been operating since 2012, and while we’ve changed and adapted over time, the core of our programme remains the same – to instil a love of reading in our children, and to give them access to books. Basically, to bring books to children and children to books.

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We work with children in under-resourced communities between the ages of 9 and 12. These children can read, but don’t necessarily do so, or don’t have access to a good selection of age-appropriate books. Read more about us here:


Our workshops take place on weekends and in school holidays. These aim to encourage a love for reading in our children, who self-select to be there by bringing back their signed permission slips from home. We focus on a theme for the day, and include time for games (clapping games are always a favourite!), arts and crafts, and of course as much reading as possible.

A CBN Toolbox is a sturdy book-carrier called a ‘Cadi’ filled with about 60 books! This mini library on (mini)wheels, make their way to communities and organisations who focus on reading with children. Toolboxes divided into book-bags with core books around a theme. For example, our first Toolbox theme is ‘Books and Stories’, and it has been divided into five book-bags: Books and reading, Imagination, Heroes, The Arts, and Fun. The idea is that these toolboxes spark ideas, give suggestions about activities that will enhance the books and supply a handbook that explains our methods. Included is a CBN Reading Game that makes reading part of the game – and the fun. Organisations use the Toolboxes as a mechanism for teaching and instilling a love of reading. Read all about our Toolboxes here:

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