Monitoring and Evaluation: how are our children doing?


We at last had the resources and staff to develop a proper M&E system. Our Administrator, Wilien van Zyl, recorded all children attending our workshops and noted demographic details that enable us to make decisions for 2020 on a more factual basis. Each workshop is fully recorded and documented, with piecharts to make things visually simpler.

Wilien also took on the considerable work of creating a Book Club. We bought books with donated funds, received books in lieu of a friend’s wedding presents … slowly the collection grows. The collection needs to greatly increase, but a significant beginning has been made. The books are discreetly graded, so that we can record what level each member is reading at and plot their progress without them being too conscious of grades and levels.

We’re watching with pride as the children pick out their books and place them carefully in their folders to take home and enjoy.

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