Whopping workshop stats!

CBN children enjoying being read to

During 2019 we held 21 Workshops in total, and worked with just over 1 191 children in Stanford, De Kop, Zwelihle (Hermanus) and in Mitchell’s Plain. Our first two workshops for 2020 brought us a further 69 children.

We realized early in 2019 that we needed a way of assessing the children’s progress. A ‘Book Club’ was the obvious answer and so Wilien – our super star administrator, board secretary, organiser of all things CBN and everything in between – sprang into action with a methodical scheme to make this work effectively. The books, which we keep in our office at the back of the Norfolk Centre building, are discreetly graded so that we can assess what level each member of the club is choosing. This helps us to measure their progress – as does a Q&A session with Wilien while they are returning their books. It takes time to educate the children into the concept of bringing the books back! But progress is ongoing, and we’re watching with pride as the children pick out their books and place them carefully in their folders to take home and enjoy.

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