Springfontein and Children Reading!


Springfontein Wine Estate is working closely with the non-profit organisation Children’s Book Network, ‘to bring books and children onto the same page’. Children’s Book Network (CBN) began early in 2012, the dream of founders Gcina Mhlope, Lesley Beake and Sindiwe Magona.

It was in 2018 that Hildegard Witbooi (board member of CBN and Springfontein management) brought the two entities together, through a marketing tour in Europe. The activities of CBN caught the attention of Bacchus Vinothek, Nina and Michael Grimm, friends and merchants of Springfontein wines. They wanted to get involved and what better way than through wine. A plan was made!

Dr Johst Weber, founder and CEO of Springfontein Wine Estate, had a dream of creating a project of that in his words is ‘a combination of nature and human craftsmanship’. He also saw the great need for education – and reading – in the community. Winemaker Tariro Masayiti, Springfontein’s COO, created a blend that totally wowed the team of tasters from Germany. A label was created. The wine was bottled and shipped. And – in due time – a bank draft was dispatched to CBN that made an enormous difference to their work throughout 2019. The results show clearly in the faces of the children.

By Hildegard Witbooi, Springfontein’s CMO and CBN board member.
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