Out of Africa: A story workshop 26 January


Moving the focus of story to Africa – where it all began

This two-part workshop looked more closely at the origins of story – and how important it is both culturally and socially. We had an over-abundance of children (as has come to be usual) and the Teen Team are still deep in the start of the new school year, and the athletics season, so we were a bit short-handed. But community facilitators and volunteers did an excellent job. New teen-team member, Nick Mohr, handled the photography and observed proceedings (he says he is coming back!) and a good time was had by all.


Clapping games and snacks

Follow on from stories told at the 3 January workshop.

1. How stories began
2. Why stories are important
3. Vuyokasi’s story
4. The Orphan boy – looking at illustrations as well as story
5. Mekuta’s Sons by Sindima Mntuba
6. Both of these stories have reasons for their telling. Let’s talk about how stories are used to teach us thing

7 Art Activities

8 Patterns from Malawi

9 Clapping games

Part Two:

Will include more stories from Africa and then group activities.

1 One group makes African story monsters
2 One group plays reading game
3 One group writes a group story

Photo credit: Nick Mohr

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