A sweet Grimm Fairy Tale


A Grimm Fairy Tale
Once upon a time …

Well, once, there was a girl who lived in a very small house with her brother, her mother, her auntie and her grandmother. The girl’s name was Mimi and she loved to sing. She sang in the morning and she sang while she walked to school and she sang when she walked home again.

‘What have you got to sing about?’ her brother asked her.

Mimi’s brother was an angry sort of a boy. He didn’t sing.

Mimi was surprised. ‘I sing because …’ But she couldn’t really say why she sang.

The next day, Mimi thought about why she sang. Was it because of the warm spring sunshine? Was it because she had peanut butter sandwiches in her school bag?

When the school bell rang, Mimi was still thinking. She thought while she did her sums in maths. She thought while she read about the water cycle in science. She thought while she ran round the field in athletics.

It was only later that Mimi worked out why she liked to sing. It was because her heart was happy. And her heart was happy when she picked up a book.

Image: Nina and Michael Grimm, our favourite visitors of 2003! They came bearing gifts, encouragement, funding and good cheer. We salute them! (And thank them too!)

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