Children’s Book Network and local support


CBN needs – and would like to offer – local support in providing exciting and stimulating after-school activities for local children. We are also looking to share some of the problems and be part of the discussion around what is being done for the children locally.

The the dream of the Children’s House will develop during 2019 and we are already actively working on this project. CBN will be renting the back room of The Butterfly Centre school from next month and beginning a children’s library that is accessible for children from Stanford South and De Kop. This would partly be CBN books, partly block loans from Provincial Libraries and partly donations. We also have weekend and holiday access to the two classrooms and the play/sports area.

We will also be using The Butterfly Centre as a place to assemble our comprehensive reading kit (The Toolboxes). Four of these have already been donated (Cost R6 500 each) and will go to local schools in Stanford and Gansbaai, and to The Butterfly school for special needs.

Hermanus High School is now on board for the Teen Team that we established this year. Teenagers from Zwelihle, Hermanus, Stanford and Gansbaai will be working with us in various capacities from library to Little CBN.

It has begun!

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