CBN Teen Team – what we need for 2019!


We are busy recruiting a new Teen Team to work with us next year. For teenagers who have been working with us during 2018, the benefits have been huge. First it is fun. Then it is a feel-good thing to do. There is a very real sense of having contributed to something big – the reading welfare of children who otherwise would not read and enjoy books. Next year, CBN will be an official part of the Hermanus High School Social Responsibility programme. Volunteer hours will count towards half, or full colours – and we already have a list of enthusiasts waiting to start,

Possible tasks to help with organization and workshops:

To attend and assist with actual workshops when available
Assisting with Teen Team admin (planning and recording)
Choir leaders
Basic book-keeping at workshops (handing out envelopes and collating slips)
Sports coordinator
Social media and taking photographs

Those assisting with the workshops should be able to work with children in one of two age-groups – the Little CBN children, who are 6-9, and the CBN group who are 9-12.

Times for Saturday mornings are 9.30 to 12.30 and for Day-Workshops, 9.30 to 3.30. We try to do two or three-day workshops in holidays.

There is no fee associated (this is volunteer work and recorded as such for school purposes) but we can pay transport from Hermanus if necessary, and we provide snacks and lunch with the children.

Artistic and craft skills, music and reading will all be welcome. Specialist skills, such as choir, soccer and reading are particularly useful. Social media is an ongoing need! Maybe one for Facebook and one for Instagram?

Those interested should contact or contact their social responsibility coordinator at school.

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