The CBN Choir


Music has always been part of CBN. We read together, listen together, play together … and sing together. Now CBN has a choir that forms an important part of our workshops and events.

Our first real performance was at an event on Heritage Day when the children sang for ten visiting German Rotarians from the city of Rottweil.. A link to this event is at:

Now we will be taking part in another event in Stanford on Thursday 25th October at Oumeul Restaurant, when we will be part of an arts outreach programme involving children from the whole district.

More will be posted as we go! The choir will be attending a special workshop on Saturday October 20th to get ourselves polished up!

To see what happened, please also go to

Our thanks to:
National Lotteries Commission for funding our organization’s operational costs
Butterfly Centre for allowing us to use their school out of school hours.
The Paddy and Sue Kell Family Trust for funding our workshops and toolboxes.

We work with children who have completed their first few years of school and are in the difficult stage (between 9 and 12 years of age) where they can read, but often don’t. Our aim is to encourage a love of reading and books through exciting workshops where we present themed stories and books, allow for quiet reading alone or with a friend, play games around the theme and have a great deal of fun in the process. Our participants write, read, sing, song-write, discuss, play and make music. We introduce them to the joys of non-fiction and often invite visiting presenters who share their special knowledge or skills in creative arts. Our aim is not just to help children to enjoy reading – but to make them happy in a safe environment where they can be free to let their imaginations fly with books and stories.

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