Stanford Saturday workshops


CBN has run a regular series of 7 Saturday workshops from the beginning of March and these have proved not only popular, but also very productive.

We have a group of regulars who are there rain or shine, but a growing number of children who have heard what we do – and want to be part of the action.

These workshops involve gathering at the Butterfly Centre school at around 9.30 (very approximate in some cases!) with hot chocolate and pizza being served before the workshop gets underway at ten.

Workshops have been held on:

3 March
17 March
9 April
21 April
5 May
19 May
16 June

Now we are sharpening ideas for the Winter Workshops in the school holidays. These will include a three-day workshop and follow-up workshops that will include getting a choir together and performing at our AGM at the end of July.

Our sincere thanks go to:
The Butterfly Centre who are so generous in allowing us to use their facilities.
OK Minimart for their wholehearted support, particularly Jennifer and and the manageress, Maya.
Our funders, particularly The National Lotteries, which funds the organizational support that makes CBN possible, and the Kells Family Trust, whose generous donation of 2017 still funds the workshops and toolboxes. In addition, further family donations are coming in from friends in Germany.
Hermanus High School for producing such outstanding and caring students.
Thank you all!

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