The Stanford Fun Workshop 13 April


Eggzactly as eggspected, 21 children arrived at the Butterfly Centre for a pre-holiday weekend workshop that promised fun stories, fun books … and also fun.

This time we began (after some stretching and tummy-rubbing to warm up) with a longer story than usual, the charming tale narrated by the Number One Car Spotter from his West African village. When the village cart breaks down and the village produce cannot be taken to market, somebody has to make a plan.

It was challenging for the children, who are used to shorter stories, with more pictures but we have found that it takes time to introduce the concept of listening for longer. They clearly enjoyed the story, but it will take perseverance to get everybody listening all the time.

We then divided into three groups for quiet reading in one area, the CBN reading game at the central table and enthusiastic hard-boiled egg decorating at another. This was preceded by discussion of emoticoms and what they indicate (a lot more than any of the team had realised) and the children transferred their sketched faces to the eggs supplied, which were eaten on the way home. It would be an interesting study to see whether the real egg, or the chocolate egg they were handed on the way out, was eaten first!

For anybody who is interested:

Book used: Number One Car Spotter (Best in the village, maybe in the world) By Atinuke, published by Kane Miller in 2011 ans by Walker Books 2010

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