Stanford Winter Workshop 1: 11 July, Who AM I?


Twenty Grade Fours arrived bang on time with our CBN community helper at 10.00 this morning. The Butterfly Centre again hospitably allowed us to use their lovely premises.

We began with introductions and discussed how ‘small talk’ is really ‘big talk’ when we first have an opportunity to meet new people. At CBN workshops we always begin and end with ‘Handshake or hug?’ (sometimes both are preferred) but we took this further, introducing each other, finding out a few salient facts about the others and reporting back – to some hilarity.

We then progressed to the topic of ‘I’ books – first person stories – including Serena’s Story (Lesley Beake) which engaged the children in the story of a girl whose mother goes away from home to work in the big city – and doesn’t come back.

From this we proceeded to writing and illustrating a personal story of everyone’s family, which were read out to the group with obvious enjoyment.

We finished with the usual juice and biscuits and practised the farewells and thank-yous (and more hugs and more handshakes!)

Thanks to The Butterfly Centre, usually a school for children with special needs, to Ellen Osman for recruiting and registering the children and – as always – Chantel Oosthuysen for everything else.

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