Green, green workshops! (Day One)


For the first (but certainly not the last) time CBN worked with Enlighten Trust in Hermanus to bring a workshop with a conservation theme to children from five local schools.

After introductions and a short outline of what CBN does, Blaq Pearl took over for a game where everyone had a chance to introduce themselves, have a bit of fun and generally warm up. Then we began, as always, with Books and Stories, this time on a lighter note with Chris Houghton’s Oh, No George! – always a good opener and then moved swiftly on to books about our planet, everything on it and how we need to take better care of it.

Blaq Pearl then led the children in writing their own song, with rap and beat-box accompaniment. There are always three boys (always) who want to rap and do it well!. Musical instruments in the form of wooden rods and coffee cans provided by the art department added to the general jollity. More books and stories followed and we found we had a truly attentive and responsive audience.

The children were divided into three groups and on each day were able to take part in a different activity. These were:

1. Art with Enlighten’s Alex Fourie and her able assistant Thulani Mapike where the children began work on a frieze designed to showcase the beauty of the environment and specifically the landscape around Hermanus.

2. The CBN reading game devised by Chantel Oosthuysen with a view to having fun while honing reading skills by play and referencing.

3. Creative writing with Janine where the children interpreted (extremely well!) pictures culled from old National Geographic magazines, and both wrote and illustrated their own stories inspired by the pictures.

The morning concluded with more books and stories and then we broke for a most satisfying experience with chicken and chips!

A green theme is open to endless interpretation and the Overstrand is a region where organizations that care for the environment do a great deal of important work – and are always open to spreading the word to young people and children.

After lunch on the first day of the workshop, we invited the South African National Space Agency to take us to the stars. Odette Sebone and Thandile Vuntu not only gave a very good explanation of what they do, but also provided great role models for children interested in a career in science. Elisa Fraser led her team in explaining natural and artificial satellites (with models) and the children made their own satellites and improvised aerials. Fun was had – and much thought was had too.

Our sincere thanks to the team from SANSA. For more information, please go to:


This three-day workshop was also the launch of our Green Theme Toolbox – still needing some tweaking and additions, but a huge help in organizing and running the workshop.

The children were contacted and forms widely distributed through the wonderful librarian at Enlighten, Elmine Boonzaaier. Thank you!

As always, many thanks to the CBN team – Chantel Oosthuysen and Ellen Osman.

We are enormously grateful to Enlighten for funding and facilitating this workshop and allowing us the use of their marvelous venue. Special thanks are due to: Magriet Peter (Trust Manager) and Elaine Davie (Funding Manager), Elmine Boonzaaier (Librarian), Alex Forsyth (Art Facilitator) and her assistant Thulani Mapike, and Violet Swarts – who looked after the catering side of things.
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