Singing up a workshop …


CBN has been working with books and music for years now. They go together like … well, like children and books should.

On 29 March – just after the Easter weekend, when children are looking for something to do with all this spare time – we will be holding the first of what we hope will be many workshops in Stanford. It begins just before two pm with a snack and a drink, and continues until around 4.30, or when we finish.

The purpose of CBN is always to bring books to children and children to books, and this will be no exception, with featured books by Michael Williams (Cape Town Opera), and Ghanaian writer Meshack Asare among others. We will be pairing these books with music played and also chosen by our violinist friend Anele Mhlahlo and with clapping games from Malawi with Ellen Osman and a friend. We are also hoping to introduce the children to the clapping and paper cups rhythms featured in the film Pitch Perfect. In between the children will be discussing, writing and singing with Janine van Rooi (Blaq Pearl) and painting with everyone. It is going to be quite an afternoon. There will also be time for some quiet reading of music and sound themed books.

For those interested in how we plan workshops, it is aptly referred to as ‘dreaming a workshop’. Beginning with a theme, ideas are collected by the team and put into some kind of structure – one that is open to change once the children arrive and we find out who they are and what they need most from us. So, here is the planned structure, bearing in mind that the workshop report you see next on this website may reflect something that took a different direction.

Books: A short, specially created, story by Lesley Beake about a little girl who couldn’t stand the noise of her home environment any more. When her loving father takes her to her grandmother’s home in the country, she discovers the beauty of quiet and the sounds of nature. This will be accompanied by musical impressions on the violin.

Stories: The story of the woman scientist who travelled to Antarctica to find pure silence – and found that there is always one sound that you cannot leave behind; the sound of your own heart.

Anele will introduce some sounds on his violin, leading into recorded birdsong and natural sounds … and from there to music.

Ellen Osman and her friend will teach the children a clapping game from Malawi – and the children might teach a South African one in return.

Janine van Rooi (Blaq Pearl) will give this part of the workshop with the aim of writing either a song, or a short piece of group writing on music and sounds.

Silent reading while some children finish writing.

SNACK and juice

Books and Stories(Fun books)
• Yes, you can dance
• Kenny Kazoo and the Lilacs

Group painting of music or dance

Musical stories – with Dancing

Silence again, winding down to absolute quiet and listening to our own heartbeats.

Home time with books and Easter eggs to take home.

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