A Workshop on Courage


Red Hill children will be examining the concept of Courage – in life as well as in small aeroplanes – on the morning of Saturday 24th October.

The workshop is in association with the landing of a historic flight being made by Johan Wiklund in a De Havilland 60 Moth biplane from Stockholm to Cape Town (with an earlier leg from North Cape in Norway). Our children will be at the Stellenbosch Airfield to welcome the plane with a song they are writing in honour of the adventure.

The workshop will begin at 10.30 with breakfast and will continue until noon. We will, as usual, be working with our friends from the Simon’s Town Library who are providing a display of books on flight and early air journeys.

We will then take the children to Stellenbosch, where they will be part of the welcome ceremony – and wave the flag for South Africa and Sweden and further cooperation between the two countries and the people in them who love children and reading!

There will be a donation to CBN of funds raised through crowd sourcing for the historic flight. Our profound thanks to our friends in Sweden in Rotary Skeleftea for involving us!

For more information on the historic flight, please visit: www.capetocape.net

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