Time and the Valley – Primary School


Two workshops and a small party!

Winter is the main focus for CBN workshops, when the temperature is right and the holiday is long. The school holidays are the perfect time for four-day workshops and getting a serious amount of work done and a serious number of books read.

We call them workshops, but our resident poet, crocE Moses has suggested they should rather be known as ‘play-shops’ because that is part of what we do – give children and young people a place to play, unwind … think a bit, and be safe to trust.

And they do.

Because so many people, books and activities were involved, we have put links to short reports on all four days (the last two combined) – mostly because we wanted to include as many as possible of the lovely pictures from each day.

(The party, incidentally, was created by the younger children who sent a delegation to ask for their own workshop (which they had) and then determinedly joined in with the others)




Our thanks are expressed at the end of each article, and they are most sincere. CBN is about Children, Books … and Network.

This illustration, archaeologist Emily Hallinan explaining archaeology in a bottle.

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