By special request!


A small, but important workshop will be held for new readers on Tuesday 14th July. This will be at the same time as the bigger workshop for Grade 4,5,6 & 7 that will take place fro 13th to 16th July and will need community support and helpers

This event has been asked for by a small but extremely determined delegation of eight, nine and ten year-old children who arrived out of the blue today asking to read and have stories (and also when were they getting their CBN badges and could they: ‘do printing with potatoes they had cut with plastic knives like those other children did’). We obliged.

When asked to pose for a group photo, the children were enthusiastic, taking along the books we had read to them. When asked to read for the picture they all immediately embarked on reading them aloud – simultaneously. Biscuits were found ‘for the road’ and they set off home happily. (Parents had apparently been informed of this mission and knew where they were.)

Word has clearly spread. CBN is very honoured (not to say thrilled) to be asked to do this by the people who really count, the children.

Note: The potato printing was part of a workshop held in May called Tracks and Tracking, when participants made animal tracks and talked about hunting skills and science. We used Louis Liebenberg’s Art of Tracking, the origin of science, for inspiration.

Note: Three of the books pictured were donated by our book editor, Jay Heale, who will be thrilled to know how popular Chris Houghton is with everybody of reading age in Clanwilliam!

PS Sunday today and another six appeared about ten. Could they have some of those workshop forms too?

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