CBN at Clanwilliam Library Friday 29 May


On Friday 29 May at 3.00 we will have a meeting at the library with high school students to explain what CBN does, how we have been working with primary school children over the last three years and how we can expand this programme to meet the needs of teenagers.

There will be a four-day workshop for high school students between 29 June and 2 July. The programme is still being designed – now is the time to tailor it to exactly what is needed. But it will definitely include input from people involved with the Clanwilliam Dam Community project – archaeologists, plant experts and storytellers as well as our usual mix of musicians and book people.

CBN is about books and reading, fist and foremost, but includes a great deal of information along the way – and a whole lot of fun.

Snacks will be served. All high school learners and their teachers are most welcome to come along.

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