Meeting Morag Styles


This was a very interesting event to attend. Morag Styles is an expert in the history of children’s literature. She is professor of Children’s Poetry at the University of Cambridge.
In her talk at UCT she gave us a brief history of how children’s literature gained momentum originally from very lyrical and musical poetry in print that was accompanied by illustrations. The playful use of words in a very rhythmic meter was what seems to have caught the imagination of children. This then influenced the approach to writing children’s storybooks of many other authors in times to come.
For me, it was also an interesting personal journey bringing clarification to much of my own way of working. Also because she mentioned an ancient relative of mine (the hymn writer Isaac Watts) with whom there are more synchronicity with my own work than I had previously thought. It was fantastic to have an opportunity to also have a follow up discussion with her after the event.

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