CBN and FunDza workshop in Clanwilliam


We have been talking about it for a while, but this holiday CBN hosted The FunDza Literacy Trust – for a workshop with high school children in Clanwilliam as part of the Clanwilliam Dam Community Project.

Dorothy Dyer and Ros Hadden travelled up from Cape Town to on Thursday 9th , joined CBN for lunch and then gave a workshop for Grades 8-11 on story and essay writing. Great enjoyment – and spirited participation marked this, and the following morning’s workshop on dramatizing story and also gave FunDza a chance to show the participants what they do with stories on cellphones.

We also commandeered Ros into giving a spirited rendition of:

‘I’m going on a lion hunt, I’m going on a lion hunt (I’m not scared, I’m not scared!) which was much enjoyed by the younger children at the CBN workshop.

Thank to both Dorothy and Ros for coming! We are looking forward to more ‘play-dates’!

Here is a link to the writing done by participants:

Clanwilliam Creative Writing

And a link to their own blog about the workshop:

Getting teens in Clanwilliam writing

The FunDza Literacy Trust is a South African nonprofit dedicated to improving literacy among teens and young adults. Education provides the foundation for a healthy, stable, growth-oriented society – literacy is its cornerstone.

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