Water Gives Us Life


Rain makes Rivers – Rivers make Life

I love patterns in the dust like pat-pat-pat, pat-pat, pat-pat. Water can save our lives. If there was no water in the world, we would die.
I like to watch the rainbows. It is so pretty in the sky. When I watch it I think to myself what a wonderful world. Oh yeah.
The rain falls soft and gentle on the roof. It goes pat-pat, pat-pat. Watching the rainbow and cloud patterns is fun. Without rain human beings wouldn’t survive because solid ground needs water to grow plants.

Water gives us life. – You must drink eight glasses of water every day. If you don’t drink water you can die. It can serve as a detox method. Vegetables need a lot of water for us to take in good nutrition. Without drinking water people will dehydrate so we need water to survive. Water is the most important thing your body needs. There is nothing without water. We will die.

Water gives us a good life. When it rains there are new growing trees and grass and they are soft and green. If there is no water you feel sick, lonely and old. The sound that the rain makes is tip tap tip tap. Without water we won’t have plants or oxygen and then the people are going to die. We are going to have a dry world. We aren’t going to have something to drink, just cool-drink, and that is not well for you. And we can’t then make food, which needs water. And we also won’t be able to wash ourselves, our clothes or the dishes. That’s why water gives us a good and peaceful life. Water gives us a good life. Water gives us a peaceful life. Without water the ground is dry and we will be thirsty. Without water we will feel sick, lonely and old. When it rains we smell the dust and hear the sound of the rain.

I am itchy sore and thirsty when it is dry. When there is no water then you will be driven mad by thirst. It is painful to live without water. Living without water is not good for us. When we can’t drink water, soon we will be dead. When we don’t eat for a week we will survive, but without water, we will die.
Water is the best thing ever in our lives. It saves our lives. People won’t survive without water. Water can be very nice to drink. It is very peaceful. It is painful to live without water. Water is special for our bodies.

Water makes sounds like bubble, bubble. Most of the water is cool when you drink it. Water makes you feel beautiful and young again.
When it rains it makes me sharp and painful. Crossing the river can be dangerous. The rain is very hard on my roof and it makes me scared.
Most of the water entering a lake is brought by rivers and streams. The lake water is topped up by rain draining off the nearby land. Crossing the river can be dangerous. To crossing rivers it can be said, millions of people die in rivers because they go without asking your mother it means, ‘I say do not go alone to rivers, it can be sad!’ You can live for a million years so, even if you go with someone bigger, crossing river it can be dangerous. So if your mother tells you, please listen!

This piece was written as a group by children attending a workshop on Rivers and Water at Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project in March 2015.

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