Rain, rain … and more rain …

Group writing by the children of Red Hill at a workshop on 28th February 2015-03-02

Summer rain is peaceful and kind. I walked to a pool and the water was smooth and glittering. When I got thirsty, I drank from the pool. I drink summer rain drops when the sky is white, blue and beautiful. Life swims in the water. Rain is welcoming us to life. Rain is a gift of water. Rain brings a new sky and green growing grass.

Winter rain cracked our window last night, but when I woke up I was still dry. When it rains at night, I feel as if I am dying. I could see no-one and the rain went pat-pat, pat-pat – on and on. I felt cold. A hard rain is itchy and hurts my skin. When it is wet, wet, wet, I have to wear damp clothes to school. The rain sounds painful in my ears when it is stormy. I don’t like the rain because it makes deep pools, then we have to walk around the pools to go and get water from the tap.

Written by: Lirhey, Stayci, Marshall, Zethue, Tyrese, Lwanda, Khanya, Sunuza, Nolubabalo, Masibulele, Simamkele, Ndaboni – and some others who forgot to write their names!

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