Workshop with Red Hill Children


Workshop programme: Red Hill 28 February 2015

Theme: Water and Stories

Time: 10.00 Saturday until 11.30 (Facilitators meet by 9.45)

Simon’s Town Library Hall
(Main street in Simon’s Town, past the shops. Police Station on left. Library on right, directly opposite. Go up a steep ramp-like road and there is parking at the top. The hall is to the right.)

Children: 20 children from Red Hill informal settlement between 9-12 with community worker Buyiswa Pont. They will be collected at 9.30 at the Red Hill bus shelter by two taxis.

9.45 Sandwiches and juice outside.

10.00 Introductions and handshake game.

Stories and books: Introducing the theme. Short presentation of the library and its themed books. (5 mins)

Books are fun too. Fun Yoga and the book ‘You can dance!’ with Fiona McGregor (Cambridge University Press).

The rain song with Anele

10.45 Short break. Biscuits

10.55 Start second stage of workshop

Story about thirst and water
Rain patterns clapping

11.15 Writing exercises with rain words – good rain and bad rain.

Silent reading when activity is finished.

Presentation of books from Rotary Newlands’ Books of the World project.

11.30 Quietly (hopefully) to busses – with apple!

This workshop has been made possible by a donation from Pick n Pay, for which we are extremely grateful

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