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Shopping for books without having to pay at the end? Quite possible if you are using the books in schools or other reading programmes.

Last week CBN made the first of what will be many visits to a Rotary Newlands project in Pinelands where containers of books donated through American Rotary clubs were waiting. Careful selection yielded some excellent material both for reading aloud to smaller children and, most importantly for CBN, for children to read on their own. We collected some for Red Hill container library and some form for the Clanwilliam children. We will be back!

Images: Librarian Francoise Ndayizigiye helping with the selection and some of the books we brought away with us.

Our thanks to Rotary Newlands for introducing us to this resource.

More details of their project …
Rotary Clubs in the USA and South Africa have teamed up to distribute free literacy, maths, science and other school books including library books to local schools and educational facilities.
The books are sent to us in containers containing up to 25 thousand books at a time from schools and libraries in the USA and cover pre-school, junior and senior school levels as well as adult literature.
These books are then donated absolutely free of charge to any organisation, formal and informal, involved in education, literacy programmes or the creation of libraries etc. and are not for resale.
We have so far distributed about 500 000 books (half a million!).
These books are suitable for both teaching at all levels and for setting up much needed school and other libraries.

Francoise Ndayizigiye recetly became a qualified librarian with the help of Newlands Rotary support. She says:
“With the bursary granted by Newlands Rotary, I managed to change my career and become a qualified librarian.Without Newlands Rotary support, I could not afford the course, it is too expensive nowadays to pay tertiary education. Thank you Newlands Rotary!”

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