A Box full of Archaeology


CBN recently had a donation of books from long-standing friend, and editor at Cambridge University, Fiona McGregor. We asked Jay Heale to review the books for us!.Thank you, Fiona!

From Jay:
35 boxes of Rainbow Reading books, each with 10 books (5 factual, 5 stories) at all primary age levels – and my favourite box is ARCHAEOLOGY. That’s a long word which means “The fun of finding out”. The detective work that makes local history so much fun. Explore mysterious Mapungubwe, roam The Cradle of Mankind, find out so much ore about Beads and Rock Art. The stories (by clever writers like Lesley Beake, Melissa Heckler and Nonhlanhla Dlamini) are about a Spook House, a girl in the Kalahari, ancient monsters in the Karoo, and a deep-thinking tale called Finding Dad. All 10 books are something to do with thinking backwards! No wonder that Janette Deacon calls archaeology The most interesting job in the world.

Jay Heale

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