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Di Hofmeyr on making stories come to life – and Handspring Puppets on the same theme.

Di says …
‘Writers, musicians, puppeteers, film makers – we are all storytellers. As Mike Leigh, Director of Mr Turner put it in The Times this week: “we enter a conspiracy to say we are bringing something to life.”

‘And how do stories come to life? We imbue them with a certain magical power. Before the first word is spoken the audience is ready to be entranced. Frank Cottrell Boyce refers to that silent and humbling moment when everyone sits still and waits for the story to begin.’

Also from Di, a link to a fascinating glimpse, in a TED talk by the founders and inspiration behind Handspring Puppets, about the making of the fabulous horses for War Horse. CBN, and Rotary Cape of Good Hope, will be facilitating a trip by ten teenagers from Red Hill to the Artscape Theatre to see the production on 5 December – and workshops in advance of the event. This wonderful opportunity has been arranged by ASSITEJ (‘take a chid to the theatre today’) an organization connecting children and theatre.


• War Horse is based on a children’s a book written by Children’s Laureate Michael Morpurgo.

• Handspring Puppets are a South African initiative and we are immensely proud of them!

Please watch the War Horse puppets!

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