Saturday Evening in my town

I listen. There is less noise now. People have come home, up the hill with their heavy shopping bags. They walk slowly. The people with the heaviest bags walk slowest – and the old people. But there are more people running down the hill – to the bar and the bottle store before it closes!

Farm people are going home. They have come to town because there are no shops on the farm. They have come straight from work on the lorries the farmers drive – still wearing their blue or orange overalls. They look exhausted from working in the sun. `Some farmers only bring their workers into town and leave them to find their own way home. We see them at the side of the road, looking for lifts.

Many people are watching rugby at home – and dancing and drinking. Then the braais begin. Parties start and the music gets louder – and louder, and louder! At night, really loud music

Smell of fire!
Lekker chicken!

Children are playing with friends
Helping mothers to make salads

The children go home to lie in front of the TV, watching horror movies, like people-eaters or vampires. Sometimes we watch dancing programmes, stories about teenagers or about doctors and teachers. Or we are talking to our friends on the phone, or do Facebook or Whatsap, BBM or Mixit. Sometimes our friends come over to sleep with us.

We feel safe. We don’t even have to lock the door.

We eat more stuff! After the braai we eat sweets, toasted marshmallows (smoors), cooldrink, milk shake – more ice cream

Then we have to sleep

First party with our friends … then sleep.

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