My Language My Heritage


A Campaign to raise funds to donate more HOME LANGUAGE storybooks to children in South Africa.

My Language My Heritage is a Campaign by Biblionef South Africa to raise funds to provide children who don’t have access to any storybooks with new books in their home language. Individuals from all corners of South Africa and beyond are simply asked to choose their favourite book, take a ‘book selfie’ and upload it to Facebook and/or Twitter by using the hashtag #BookSelfie. THEN they donate R60 to Biblionef which will allow one more book to children to experience the joy of reading in their mother tongue.

About Biblionef SA: Biblionef is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Pinelands, Cape Town. Established in 1998, Biblionef donates, new, home language storybooks to children’s organisations with an educational focus throughout South Africa.

Please visit their website: and like their facebook page to see regular updates and how friends are challenging each other.

Individuals can donate online via Givengain (
Biblionefs bank account: Biblionef South Africa- Nedbank, Pinelands – Acc No.: 1047029170

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