I dreamed of a lion that talked


I dreamed of a lion that talked.

And what did he tell you? What did he say?

He spoke of flat, wide plains, where porcupines dug holes under the moon,

where people told their stories while stars burned bright.

I dreamed of a zebra, who ran through my dreams while I slept

And where did she run to? Where did she run?

She ran over grass, grasslands where hot yellow sun burned

And people slept in the shade and played with their babies under the heat of the day.

I dreamed of a porcupine firing his arrows into my mind.

And what did they tell you? What did they say?

They spoke of great rivers that flow to the sea.

And people who danced in the droplets that flew from their feet and shone in their hair.

I dreamed of a jackal that slipped like a shadow in moonlight over my eyes.

And what did you see there? What did you see?

I saw smooth silver hills of sand piled up high.

And people who gathered by firelight and were not afraid.

I dreamed of a kudu who spoke to my heart.

And what did she tell you? What did she say?

She said this was my place, my Africa now.

And she touched my soul with the music of her words.

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