Dianne Hofmeyr presents The Name of the Tree is Bojabi


Those who work in the field of children’s literature do so because they know, deep down, that they are doing that is right. We are bringing children and books together. These are occasions when the various skilled people create a magic which cannot be easily described.
The children who gathered happily in Simon’s Town Library hall on September 12 were being taken on an “outing”. For them that was already something special. School was over for the week! They probably did not comprehend that they were to meet Dianne Hofmeyr, a children’s author with an international reputation, who had flown from England to publicise her picture book. After winning a prize in the 2013 South African Early Childhood Development Awards (SAECD) NB Publishers and Dianne decided to use the money to donate 25 copies of The Name of the Tree is Bojabi to the CBN. NB had published the book locally, and brought her to Simon’s Town plus a consignment of iced cakes and fruit juices. For each child, that was good value! And the storytelling was fun.
They had no way of knowing the credentials of those taking part. What was important was that for one more CBN occasion, “story” was being offered by those who could impart the fascination of words in action. The children went home happy – and so, I hope, did the assorted adults who had donated a Friday afternoon to ensure that such happiness was abundant.
Special gratitude to Dianne Hofmeyr, author extraordinary; to Human & Rousseau, publisher adventurous; and to Lesley Beake and Rosemary Bangham whose long-sighted perception pulled the whole happening into existence.

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